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Pre-order, buy, or customize a unique H.U.G for your loved ones. You can also ask me questions about a specific product via question, comment, or contact form. There are three ways you can commission a piece through me.

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  • Ready to Ship

    I am currently not taking multiple orders, but depending on my health, I make sure to add pieces that you can buy. These are ready to ship pieces that are finished, washed, and packed.

  • Semi-Custom

    You can order an existing design from the catalog. Certain changes are accepted, and you can make those changes during purchase. A small deposit is taken to cover the cost of the material.

  • Full-Custom

    You can customize an existing design, or choose a new design with the customize option. The final price is based on the design, deadline, and material used, and you pay at every milestone.

Customize a Unique Gift Now

Free Consultation & Quotation

Looking for a gift for your special someone? Choose a unique gift from hundreds of patterns. Design it to the very last detail (colour, yarn, size, and much more)

Ready to Ship Items

The below items are packed and ready to be shipped. Free Shipping!

Please make sure to add the correct address, and contact me once payment is completed. I use recycled boxes and containers, that have been sterilized as packaging for gifts. You can also choose to have it gift wrapped, or packaged in a plain box.

Product Catalog

The items listed below are pre-order items.This means that they will be made to order. Pre-ordering gives you the freedom to choose different colours, or materials. Please bear in mind that the given price is merely an estimate, and can fluctuate based on your choices.

A non-refundable deposit will have to be paid, to cover material cost.


While Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online stores have made shopping easy, they’ve also made wastage easy. Please try to help reduce the wastage, and recycle what you can for reuse.

Packaging Material

  1. Fancy boxes that are in great shape (mobile phone/electronics boxes)
  2. Bubble wrap that has not been popped
  3. Cardboard boxes, Gift wrapping,

Please note that you will have to bear with the cost of shipping. Kindly check the things for damage/quality before sending.

Material for Projects

  1. Foam, fiber fill/stuffing  from toys,
  2. Yarn, seed beads, old tees
  3. Brand New Yarn for Cancer patient/Elderly

Projects made using donated material will be donated to a person you nominate.

Example: If you buy yarn. I will make a hat with the design of your choice, and donate it to the chosen person. All you pay is the yarn cost, and shipping. I will treat it as a high priority order.

However, please note that I will need a doctor’s certificate approving the material that will be used, and that the project is safe for the nominee.

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

Available Yarn

Choose the colour and yarn type

Available Bead

Choose the colour and yarn type

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